Windows 2008 Hosting

What would a 60% drop in I.T. costs do for you?

At WebECS, we know that your technology solutions are vital to the success of your business and that savings of this magnitude would be monumental. That's why we offer managed solutions that dramatically reduce the time and cost associated with in-house administration, giving you the unfair advantage your competitors wish they had. All of our Managed Services come with an SLA. Please contact our Sales Department for more information.

Managed VMware Hosting Services

Managed VMware Hosting Services are a natural extension of WebECS’s leading managed solutions. Your mission-critical infrastructure receives only the highest level of attention from our technical team, and now you benefit from an added layer of expertise with WebECS’s VMware Certified Professionals (VCP) who will help you get the most out of your advanced VMware hosting environment.

Managed Dedicated SQL Server

Does your hosted SQL Server database need more speed and performance than what it's currently getting in a shared sql server environment? We can provide you with your very own manged sql server that is 100% dedicated only to your hosted sql server database.

Managed Dedicated SmarterMail Mail Server

Why spend another moment managing, maintaining, updating, upgrading, supporting and complaining about your shared email server? If you want a reliable email service that is 100% dedicated to your domain(s) and not shared with anyone else, then free up your time and let us handle it. We'll keep your email up and running so you can keep your business up and running.

Managed DNS Services

Simplify DNS management and utilize our Managed DNS service. This service provides you up to 100 Domains/Zones for monthly fee. No setup is required and Managed DNS comes with a full featured control panel for easily adding, modifying, and creating new DNS Records.

Cisco Firewall & VPN Services

We use Cisco ASA firewalls for your high throughput or security requirements. We recommend firewall services for all Windows hosting environments in order to control traffic and protect your infrastructure. WebECS can supply a standard configuration for the firewall or a customized solution based on your requirements. We can also offer secure VPN access to your solution if you require this feature.

Managed Monitoring Services

Customers can rest assured their servers are running optimally when WebECS engineers examine and evaluate performance through our advanced monitoring services. We can monitor a specific network port for ping response or at the protocol level (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, DNS, SMTP, POP). Actions include notifications via email, rebooting a server or even restarting a service. We offer three levels Monitoring Service plans: Basic, Business, Enterprise.