Celebrating 24 Years in Business!


WebECS assists companies of all sizes with their hosting needs by offering simple Windows website hosting to fully configured Windows dedicated server solutions coupled with proactive Windows server management services. We specialize in providing complete internet-ready Windows server solutions backed by our expert 24x7x365 proactive support team.

About Us

WebECS, located in Columbus, Ohio was founded in 1997 to provide affordable and reliable Windows based hosting, reseller services and managed solutions. We provide features not commonly found in the Windows web hosting world. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we have a 70% referral rate that demonstrates this.

Company Overview

Today, WebECS is a privately owned, profitable enterprise that serves thousands of customers from around the world. By offering cutting edge technologies, industry-leading customer service and comprehensive Windows web hosting solutions, WebECS has become a front-runner in the global Windows web hosting market.

United States-Based Employees

Every WebECS employee works from our office located in Columbus, Ohio. Most Internet Technology companies use outsourced employees located in countries thousands of miles away with little to no care or understanding for the actual company they are working for. You can rest assured that when you reach an employee of WebECS, they are an actual employee working from our offices in the United States.

Data Center Overview

Our data center gets data transit from 10 Tier 1 backbone providers, including AT&T, Qwest, Level 3, UUNET and Verio, and have multi-gigabytes of high quality provisioned data capacity with virtually unlimited scalability. We do not utilize bandwidth from any "discount" providers. Access is monitored using Proximity Security Badge Access and Digital Security Video Surveillance. The data center offers complete redundancy in power, HVAC, fire suppression, network connectivity, and security and is the optimal location to serve your applications to the world. Read more about the network infrastructure.