Managed VMware Hosting Services

Managed VMware Hosting Services are a natural extension of WebECS’s leading managed solutions. Your mission-critical infrastructure receives only the highest level of attention from our technical team, and now you benefit from an added layer of expertise with WebECS’s VMware Certified Professionals (VCP) who will help you get the most out of your advanced VMware hosting environment. Our VMware hosting services come with an SLA.

Key Benefits

  • Server Consolidation: Reduce the number of servers required to support your applications through virtualization and reduce operating costs
  • Rapid Deployment: Add virtual machines (VMs) quickly for new applications or development sandboxes without the need for additional hardware
  • Seamless Disaster Recovery: VMs can failover to other physical servers for instant disaster recovery and higher availability
  • Economical Price Point: Leverage a creative licensing program in which you only pay for the number of VMs you need

Virtual Infrastructure as a Hosted Service

WebECS’s Managed VMware Hosting Services enable you to deploy a virtual environment that is operating system agnostic on fewer physical servers since each virtual machine is independent of the other. Moreover, each partition can be set with specific resource thresholds (CPU, memory) so that critical applications do not compete with other applications for the server resources.

Increased Reliability and Availability

Performing maintenance or upgrades in the traditional physical server world requires spare hardware and inevitable planned downtime. In a VMware environment, WebECS can provide live migrations of virtual machines to other physical servers in your environment temporarily using Vmotion technology for in-place upgrades and maintenance thereby eliminating server downtime and any impact to your customers.

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